ATTENTION: For Expecting Mothers Who Do Not Want To Experience Pain During Their Pregnancy

Stable Spines For Pregnant Moms

#1: Neck

Due to the gradual shift forward in an expecting mother's center of gravity, her lower back can develop an excessive curvature. The muscles in her upper back often try to compensate for this change, but they are unprepared and overstressed causing pain in the neck. 

#2: Lower Back

During Pregnancy the body releases a hormone called relaxin which causes the ligaments and joints to soften and become unstable, affecting the stability your back normally has. Along with this increasing instability, the gradual increase in weight due to the developing baby can add extra stress on the lower back and can develop into pain.

#3: Hips

The softening and increasing instability of the joints during pregnancy can cause discomfort in the hips. Also, as the baby is developing and growing the increase in weight can add stress to the pelvis and hips.


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